The Einfach Deutsch is an innovative course. Up to date technological means are used in teaching, testing, and also in the exercises. It's really helpful for us that in every phase of the educational process we can review our own progress and get informed about our strengths and weaknesses. Nikos is an awesome teacher: he masters his subject in depth and won't rest on old school educational methods, he focuses on our weaknesses and evolves our language capacity. In a very short time I found myself with a great improvement in my ability, both in language comprehension and in speech production (oral and written). He boosts us to use the German language as much as possible and he fixes our attention on pronunciation, the core principle behind correctly understanding the spoken language. Nikos is very consistent in our goal to learn the language but he's also cool. We have a great time in the lessons. I thought that distance learning lags behind, but Nikos made me change my mind! If one is looking to learn German, there is no better option.