Terms & Conditions: Group classes

  1. Lessons must be prepaid monthly. It is possible to transfer the amount to Eurobank, Alphabank, Piraeus Bank and National Bank of Greece. If the deposit is made by a non-Greek bank, then 3,5€ is added to the final amount. To avoid this amount, in case you live within the European Union, you can pay via PayPal. After you complete the transfer, the rendered services bill or invoice is sent to you electronically.
  2. The amount must be deposited at least 5 days before the start of the courses and then 5 calendar days before the end of the current month. These deadlines must be met, otherwise your seat for the next month cannot be reserved.
  3. The registration fee for the classes is €60. This amount is deducted from the last month’s tuition fees, as long as you attend classes regularly until the scheduled day the classes finally end. However, this amount cannot be refunded, in case it is decided not to participate in a class. If the class you have registered for is not held, you will be refunded the registration fee.
  4. Considering class tuition, the days on which classes will not take place due to Greek national holidays have also been taken into account, so that the tuition fee is the same amount every month. You can find in the FAQ on our home page which days there will be no classes.
  5. The minimum number of participants to form a class is 4 people. If for any reason this number falls below this limit, it is within our discretion to amend the tuition fee. In no other case can the fees, which have been agreed, be modified.
  6. If you decide within the first week of classes that you want to discontinue your class, then you will be refunded 75% of the first month’s tuition fee. In any other case, there can be no refund.
  7. If you decide before the start of the courses that you do not want to start courses with us, then you will be refunded the full amount of the tuition fees excluding the registration fee.
  8. Due to the nature of group courses, any rescheduling is not possible, unless due to the inability of the teacher to conduct a class (in exceptional cases only) rescheduling of the lesson should be done in consultation with the students.
  9. If a student does not attend a lesson, it is recorded and sent to the absent student. So by accepting the terms you agree to the possibility of video recording of the lessons. The recordings are made exclusively for the convenience of the students. Under no circumstances can they be used for commercial purposes. Finally, any reproduction, sharing and storage of content related to course recordings is expressly prohibited taking into consideration the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).