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Einfach Deutsch Online is an online German language institute that offers classes for adults. Our main goal is to combine the advantages of the physical classroom, such as direct contact and interaction between students, with those that a digital classroom can offer, such as the annihilation of distances, as the lesson can take place from anywhere.

Through the innovative and at the same time simple system that has been developed specifically for the purpose of the courses, everyone can attend effectively, thus ensuring definite learning results!

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Niko Liakakis, director of studies and owner of Einfach Deutsch Online, was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany and masters German as a native speaker. He has an approved teaching license for teaching German as a foreign language. He studied German Language & Literature at AUTH and graduated with “Excellent” (9.44/10). Afterwards, he graduated from the postgraduate program of AUTH entitled “Language and culture in the German-speaking area” with “Excellent” (9.70/10), specializing in “Literature – Culture”. He holds a C2 certificate from the Goethe-Institut and visits Germany very often. As part of his studies, he attended five semesters at German universities.

He has been active in the field of distance education since 2015 and his particular interest in this field led him to the decision to specialize in online teaching and to attend numerous seminars, lectures and workshops.


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What kind of courses are offered at Einfach Deutsch Online?

Einfach Deutsch Online delivers lessons to adults either in the form of groups (4 – 6 people), mini groups (2 people) or one-to-one classes.

For group classes the levels A1 – C1 can be delivered and for mini groups & one-to-one classes all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) A1 – C2 can be delivered.

Are there also courses for Business German?

The courses for Business German are primarily aimed at business executives and are designed to help you develop your language skills that are essential in the business world.

The minimum requirement to attend courses is that you already have a command of German at B1 level.

What is required to participate in the courses?

Initially, no special technological knowledge is required to participate in an online course. Basic knowledge of using a computer is sufficient!

You can participate in the course using a computer, tablet or mobile phone. A basic condition is the existence of a stable Internet connection, as well as a camera and a microphone, so that seamless communication between students and the teacher becomes possible.

Which platform is used for the courses?

The widely used platform Zoom is used to host our online courses.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

If you miss a lesson and you’re attending a group class, you can watch the lesson online, as the classes are recorded.

As far as one-to-one classes are concerned, a 24-hours cancellation policy applies, which allows you to reschedule a class, if you inform us about your absence at least 24 hours before the scheduled class.

In which language is the course conducted?

The course is conducted at a beginner level in English and gradually the German language is introduced as much as possible in the course, so that from a certain point onward German is mainly used! At B2+ levels, German is used exclusively.

What sort of learning materials are used during the lesson?

Depending on the level, the most modern teaching proposals of the publishing house Klett are used, which offer the possibility of using a Learning Management System (LMS).

The LMS refers to a set of modern teaching tools, which are very user-friendly and completely effective. Through ebooks and interactive content, a pleasant learning process is achieved and the students' effort is enhanced. Some of the major benefits of this practice are auto-correction of exercises, recording of success rates of exercises and assignments and many more.

You can watch a related video here.

Where can I get my books?

We can refer you for the purchase of the books to the official representative of Klett.

When do usually start new group classes?

New group classes start usually in October.

However, there may be exceptions, on condition that there is availability to create group classes during the academic year.

When is it possible to start one-to-one classes?

Depending on our availability, you can start one-to-one classes at any time.

With which organizations does Einfach Deutsch Online cooperate?

We cooperate with the Goethe-Institut, ÖSD and telc, as far as the examinations are concerned.

Can Einfach Deutsch Online issue a certificate of course attendance?

Yes, if you attend the classes on a regular basis.

When is Einfach Deutsch Online closed?

Einfach Deutsch Online is closed for the entire month of August. However, you can contact us by email!

The days on which classes will not take place due to Greek national holidays are the following:

23/12/2023 – 05/01/2024 Christmas holidays



01/05/2024 – 10/05/2024 Easter Holidays